Tips for Your Kitchen Makeover from Designer Brittney Schipp

Tips for Your Kitchen Makeover from Designer Brittney Schipp

Renovating your kitchen can be a huge undertaking, especially if it hasn’t had a good facelift in years. There are so many things to consider…new styles, updated functionality, lighting, wall color, etc. But, stop stressing over the details! Working with a professional, like Enjolé Interiors’ Senior Designer, Brittney Schipp, can help you check all the boxes for a successful kitchen makeover… Here are just a few of the items she would help you consider:

Appliance Garages

If you’d like to minimize clutter, create a space(s) for each of your small appliances to be stowed away to create a clean look and eliminate crowding on surfaces. We’ve created appliance garages for clients’ TVs, stand mixers and even paper towel holders!


Look for creative ways to create more storage space. Is there a nook you no longer use? A set of cabinets that could be turned into a pantry? These spaces could be of great use for you to incorporate more storage for dishes, appliances or food. Another great option is to consider taking your cabinetry all the way to the ceiling for added space. And bonus – it will make your room look bigger.



kitchen symmetrySymmetry

There’s something to be said about symmetry within a space. Think about what you would like to have as the focal point of your design, such as the island or the oven. It’s best to create a triangle with your appliances to make meal prep flow better and increase your kitchen’s functionality.



lighting kitchen interior designLighting

Lighting can completely change the look and feel of your space. Consider adding pendant lights over an island for more light while enjoying meals. Or, switch up the design of your lights. In a recent kitchen renovation in Kentucky, we reduced the amount of pendant lights from 5 smaller ones to 3 larger ones, and it made a more dramatic change to the look of the room than you might think.



Don’t be afraid of wallpaper! It’s actually quite trendy and can pair well with existing wallpaper in the home and/or painted walls. Our best suggestion here is to take your time. Bring samples of several different patterns and designs back to the space to see how they will look. 

Brittney notes, “One of my clients really wanted to keep the wallpaper in her formal sitting room. So, when we were picking out the designs of the new wallpaper – we ended up with a total of 4 new wallpapers. We selected the kitchen wallpaper first because it was right off of the formal sitting room, and then worked our way into a few other areas off of the kitchen. The back hallway and staircase, a powder room and a laundry room each got a facelift, with new wallpaper in addition to the rest of the remodel. It took a bit of time — both in the studio and the clients home — to pick out the best color and pattern combinations to satisfy the overall plan for the design and the clients style.”


Step outside of the box to add another level to your space! If you’re drawn to one specific style, and you’d like to branch out a bit, explore different accessories you wouldn’t normally think to try. 

“One place we’ve recently done this was in a client’s bathroom. She wanted to replace the mirror, but always found herself gravitating towards a specific style. So, we found a mirror that was a bit out of her comfort zone to complement the wallpaper and overall design of the room,” says Brittney.

Window Treatments

A little detail around the windows creates a big effect. “It actually enhances the windows, adds softness to the room and an extra layer that really takes the space to the next level,” Brittany explains. “So, when choosing a window treatment, think about the overall design you’re trying to achieve in the room. Then, hone in on details that will compliment the space. For example, picking up on the subtle gray color in the pattern on the wallpaper and the curve of the range hood for the window treatments like we did in this Kentucky kitchen.”

Interested in working with a designer to transform your space? Contact us to learn about our designers and pricing!

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