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From the Ground Up: Creating a House on a Lake

From the Ground Up: Creating a House on a Lake 

“A house on a lake, not a lake house.” That’s what homeowners Frank and Vicki Pamelia requested of the design and style of their Lake Oconee home. Although they had retired and moved from their home in Indiana, their new home on Lake Oconee in Georgia would be their new primary residence, one that would feel all the comforts and warmth they wanted as empty nesters but also would be home to their grown children for holidays and summertime visits. “Our builders were great, but we truly must thank our design team at Enjolè Interiors who touched every room to design this home.”house on a lake in georgia

Selecting Enjole Interiors to Travel to Georgia 

The best way to create a space clients will love is to begin with a design concept, and in most cases, that’s selecting the right design team for you. “Tammy and I are twins separated at birth. We think alike.” Vicki said. “The communication is almost non-verbal. What Tammy was able to do was to bring out things that I didn’t know were there.”

At Enjolè, we always start a project by discussing client likes and dislikes, and then we start to bring in different pieces of design, colors, patterns, furniture…etc. to see what direction the client is looking to go. “It was amazing to see how well Tammy and Frank clicked, as well. 

He had so much faith and confidence in Tammy. The project kind of exploded, in a great way, when Tammy was bringing things to us and Frank said, ‘Oh I love that!’” 

Within no time, we got an idea of the clients style by showing them examples and we started to take their lake home from dirt to drapes.

Deciding on a Color Palette  

“When we began discussing color, that’s when [Enjole designer] Margy Foster came in. She is such a ying to Tammy’s yang. Margy’s design experience was so helpful to our finished product, and I loved her vision,” Vicki said.  

“Then, as luck would have, a fabric we designed around became discontinued,” Vicki recalls. It’s times like this that call for a designer to get creative. In this case, Margy was determined to find the client’s beloved fabric, and it was a success. “We couldn’t believe it!” Vicki said. “Margy saved the day and found 40 yards of our fabric.” However, it’s important to remember that luck might not be on your side, so having a back-up fabrics to flow with designated color on a lakeUsing the Old to Create the New 

One way you make a house home is by incorporating pieces of your past and memories you’ve made along the way. “Our builder actually had a designer for us to use,” Vicki recalls. “We had a photo album of 400 furniture and decor pieces, some that were our must-haves to stay with us as we started our new build, and the other designer said she could not work with this. We showed the same thing to Tammy and Margy, and they said they could. It was a no-brainer who we wanted as our design team.” 

Thus, the work began on creating a traditional/transitional and eclectic style home for Frank and Vicki. One of the projects Enjolè completed was a recreation of a chandelier. “We knew this was one of the pieces the couple wanted to keep, so we got creative,” Tammy said. “Instead of the plastic balls originally on the light, we opted for crystals and gave them 3 different options for price. They opted for the median range, which worked out perfectly, and we replaced nearly 100 plastic balls with crystals. It turned out beautiful.” 

The creativity didn’t stop there. Our design team was also able to create a feature wall at the landing of the staircase that featured a built-in bookcase. Frank enjoys bourbon, so we added 2 bourbon bars downstairs and repurposed 2 lamps in the queen’s suite. “Another project we loved creating was the war memorial cabinet,” Margy said. “Both of the homeowners’ fathers were in World War 2, so we put together a special cabinet to honor them. We could tell they were truly touched.”

“They were able to work with everything we love, and now, we are surrounded by it. We couldn’t ask for more,” Vicki and Frank agreed.

Think Outside the Box

When you start from the ground up, designers are often challenged to “think outside of the box” to make things work and recreate the vision homeowners have in mind, which can prove to be difficult, especially when there’s a list of must-haves to repurpose alongside the new.  

“Vicki and I knew our visions wouldn’t be easy to recreate, but every step of the way, our minds were blown,” Frank said. “They had a piece of furniture custom made to hide my TV. Tammy and the furniture maker designed it to match the corbells in the bar and the kitchen. The idea was brilliant!” 

“We would have never thought of the concepts that Tammy and Margy brought, but they are some of the most special features that we now enjoy in our home,” said Vicki.

Designing the kitchen also proved to be a challenge. “We know white kitchens are all the rage, but I like wood,” Vicki said. “Tammy talked me into a white kitchen with touches of wood, which were brought to life with the bourbon bar, coffee bar and wine bar. And the kitchen cabinets are an antique white, with a glaze over it. It’s something I have never seen before. They executed it perfectly.”

house on a lake in Lake Onconee Georgia

When building a home, there’s no one right way. Each homeowner has their own vision. Their own style. Don’t ever feel like you have to let items and memories go to create a new space. There is something special about making the old new again and forevering cherishing items that brought you so many precious memories.  

“Some of our most rewarding projects are those that involve a vacation home or a new home as empty nesters. We want our clients to know that we are here for you, and we are able and capable of traveling to your project,” says Tammy.

Why Enjolé is the Tri-State’s Choice for Furniture Shopping

Fall is fast approaching, and you know what that means –family parties, social gatherings, holidays, and more! Now is the perfect time to look around your home and see what furniture and accessories you can add to spruce things up! Visit Enjolé’s new location in Newburgh, the tri-state’s choice for furniture shopping! 

The Tri-State’s Best Selection, Quality + Value

We take pride in showcasing unique and carefully curated decor and furniture, which is why Sharon, our Owner and CEO, hand-picks each piece we have in our showroom. No matter which room in your home you’re shopping for, you’ll find a furniture piece at Enjolé Interiors that fits your style at a variety of prices. 

We partner with some of the biggest names in furniture, from Chelsea House to Sherrill, to offer the best selection at an affordable price. Find quality designs to match your style – like modern, classic, casual, contemporary, transitional and more! Some sofas start at under $2000!

“My husband and I were so impressed with the selection and pricing on furniture at Enjolé. I found several pieces that fit our style much better than anywhere else I looked in Evansville. From now on, we’re looking at Enjole first!”

Interior Design Specialists

Need to customize to fit your space? We can help! Can’t find what you’re looking for in store? We can order it! 

There’s no need to get overwhelmed by decisions – design, colors, patterns, etc. Let our team of experts handle it! When you come to see us at Enjole Interiors, we are dedicated to finding the perfect piece for your space. Our design team is equipped with all the tools, training and expertise you need to create a beautiful space from start to finish. We’ll help you bring together furniture, rugs, wall art, lighting and accessories to create a design you’ll want to show off.

Stress-free, Pressure-free Furniture Shopping

You should enjoy your shopping experience. And, we’re here to make sure you do! When you visit us, don’t worry about being pressured to make a purchase or spend more than your budget allows. Our team of dedicated sales professionals are here to help you as much or as little as you’d like.

We also understand how important it is to receive your new furniture on your timeline. Enjolé Interiors carries a wide selection of quality furniture in stock so you can take your perfect piece of furniture home with you the same day! We even offer curbside service for your convenience.

If you haven’t made it to our new storefront in Newburgh to shop yet, make plans to do so! Enjole has your dream furniture in stock and ready for you to take home! 

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Susan Hyatt’s Home: A Space that “Wows”

susan hyatt home creating a space that wow

Designing custom spaces for our clients is one of our favorite things to do. We get the opportunity to not only bring our client’s design vision to life, but express ourselves through design. Recently, our team got the opportunity to work with Master Certified Life And Business Coach Susan Hyatt, and her husband Scott. Susan Hyatt is known as one of the world’s leading voices on mindset, motivation, and inspiring women to be unstoppable. Susan wanted people to walk in and say, “Oh My God!” And, she entrusted her recent home and office redesign to the interior design team at Enjolé.

Creating an Entryway that “Wows”

“Oh my, are you kidding right now?!” This response was the inspiration Susan put into our minds for the overall wow factor upon entering the home. So, we knew the entryway needed to speak volumes. We incorporated coordinating decor with the existing art piece and added a marble tile flooring to create a show-stopping entry. The neutral color palette brings it all together and pulls in the rest of the house.

A Dining Room Inspired by Art

This room was a blank space that continually evolved, using the Beyonce artwork as inspiration for the room. “I found the artist on Instagram, and Susan loved her art. The design came together once we incorporated the painting… it’s amazing how you plan a room around great art,” Tammy said.

“From there, we added in custom drapery, repurposed an old piece of furniture and accessorized the space with unique pieces from our in-store collection and a gorgeous floral arrangement by Candis, from our team here at Enjole.”

This space also includes Susan’s favorite design feature: built-in cabinets from Fehrenbacher Cabinets — an idea she’s had since they first moved in. Susan and Scott love keeping the lights on inside to showcase the beauty of the piece.

A Cozy Living Room Design 

“I love nothing more than curling up in my chair next to the fire, especially during the winter months,” Susan confessed. So, we knew we wanted to create a cozy, welcoming space. We brought in a Cheryl leather chair that’s electric and reclines for comfort. Next, we added in accessories that matched Susan’s driven personality and played with darker, stronger features like the brown pillows and large cocktail table to ground the space and pull it all together. The living room is finished off with drapery — double entendre with velvet, to create a dramatic effect, which can’t be ignored when you enter the room. 

Playing with Color in the Office

Susan Hyatt’s office –– where the true magic happens! We could not let her down here. The client wanted the room to reflect a CEO’s office, and encompass a female empowerment vibe, while being fun and fresh. So, we brought in a desk by Vanguard and added in a fun pink and gold chair to give us a pop of color and added in some gold and pink in the drapes for even more empowering, fun color. To add an extra layer to space, we brought in some artwork from Frances Cadora for the wall and a painting by Ross Webb to be placed on the desk.

A Powder Room with Custom Art

The final space our design team was able to create was a powder room. “We were able to paint the ceilings in this space, which is something we’re not able to do often.” Tammy admitted. “It made sense for the design because we were able to pull in color and connect it with a piece of art that the client’s husband had made for her — so special!” The space was complete with custom cabinetry, and we repurposed the original chandelier from the dining room.

If you don’t say, “Wow” walking into this space, try walking in for a second time. The design speaks for itself in Susan Hyatt’s home. It is amazing how our interior design team was able to create that wow factor, while making guests feel cozy, at home and welcome the minute they walk through the Hyatt’s home. “What an honor it was to work with Susan Hyatt one-on-one in her home.” Tammy said. “Her drive is contagious and gave us further motivation to create a space that inspires one of the most inspirational women we know.”

A New Year + Our New Store Front in Historic Newburgh Takes Shape

New Storefront in NewburghThough our first home on Main Street in downtown Evansville will always hold a special place in our hearts, we have so much excitement ahead as we make plans for our new store, or as we like to call it, our “Enchanted Home,” in Newburgh. As we embark on a substantial renovation of the 180 year old building, we couldn’t imagine not taking you along with us for the ride.

History at 10388 IN-662 in Newburgh

After acquiring the space from Bill Fortson and John Clements, we learned so much about the history of the former BJ’s Accents property and how their business came to life. New Store in Old BJ's BuildingBJs was once home to a frame shop, located on the top floor, and a floral shop, located on the lower level before it evolved into a furniture, home accents and interior design business.

And when the historic home was to be demolished, Bill and John had other plans. The two had become friends and worked together at a bank for years, allowing them the opportunity to learn about the property.

new store in old BJ's building

Creating a Vision for our new store, our “Enchanted Home”

“To say that we have an exact design in mind… No, we really don’t plan to stay confined to one look,” Tammy reveals. “But, we have so many ideas, hopes and dreams for what the space will become. We plan to appeal to many different aesthetics in our space. We do like a southern living vibe to match the architecture of the building, it has a very Georgian style charm!” We are excited about creating more room for retail space and filling every square inch with the best brands and merchandise. As we take down walls and make the space our own, we’ll also be creating an incredible design center for our team, as well as a place for our team to consult with other designers and clients.

“We have this vision of making Enjole more than just a store… We see it becoming a destination,” shares Tammy. Imagine french doors at the back of the building opening up to an outdoor living space that will be an extension of the store and a place to easily pick up purchased items. 

We want our new space to become a hub for designers in surrounding cities to collaborate with us, whether they’re from Louisville, Nashville or beyond.

Making a House a Home: Julie’s Home Renovation

It’s completely normal to be nervous when starting out a design project for your home. Will you enjoy working with the designer? Will they be able to work within your budget?

You’re not just a client when you decide to work with Enjolé. Even if it begins with just one small project, you often become a life-long friend, which speaks to the successful outcomes and the trustworthiness of our designers. 

One of our latest design projects was a beautiful home renovation for our dear customer and friend, Julie. She and Tammy actually met at our store 4 years prior to this project.

Julie and her family moved here two years ago in March and did a renovation on their home, lowering their A-frame ceiling and changing the layout of the kitchen and office. The kitchen layout and cabinets had been completed, and Julie decided to bring Tammy and the Enjolé team in to make the space more of a “home.” 

“I actually enjoy working on a renovation project this way because you get to work through the process with the client and figure out a timeline together,” Tammy said. “With a renovation project, it really is all about trusting the process and watching things get better and better as they evolve.”

Only the Perfect Pieces for the Dining Room 

“Julie had a list of different phases she wanted to complete in the remodel,” Tammy recalls. “The dining area was the first phase, and we knew that we wanted a really interesting piece to bring the space alive. Julie already had a dining table and chairs, so we just had to add some finishing touches.” 

Julie and Tammy ended up finding a serving table that fit the scale of the room and perfectly complemented the dining room table and chairs. Next, the two decided to add color to the walls with art.

“I actually reached out to our art broker when he stopped by the store one day and he showed me these two photos,” Tammy said. “I channeled the client and told the art broker I knew she needed them. I was right. Once the art was added to the wall, it was like everything was instantly tied together.” 

A Rug + Fabrics add Layer and Color

Isn’t it amazing what a rug can do for a space? Tammy recalls Julie selecting the rug for their new space. 

“This is one of my favorite pieces. It’s beautiful. All of the colors in the rug were very much an inspiration for the rest of the house. Not to mention, this piece is a collectible and pairing it with the art and chandelier adds even more flair to the design.” Tammy also mentioned that Julie plans to reupholster and paint the chairs to play off of the colors in the rug. Another layer of design that will add so much dimension to the space. “Something funky and cool to make the space really fabulous.”

Also in the living room area, you will see a fun collection of fabrics carefully pieced together by Tammy and Julie that perfectly fit the families needs! “We wanted to create a space that is durable, the fabric on the seat is a performance fabric and then we went with a really beautiful textured durable fabric here that is just soft and yummy, and would hide any flaws.”Julie and her family have a heart for rescuing dogs, so the space needed to fit their lifestyle and passion.

“We just had fun with collections of fabrics, I think the fun part about Julie is that she’s not afraid to try anything, she’s not scared to go outside of the box, so you know this is definitely not your normal sofa! This is a sofa that kids can lounge on or take a nap on and it still looks like something in a magazine.” 

making a house a home

Family Heirlooms Make a House a Home

When one of our designers comes into a space, we want to make sure we leave it feeling like a home and not just a well-decorated house.  

“For this design, that special, family touch was a punch bowl that has been used and loved for many years by Julie,” Tammy said. “A special touch like this is what makes you fall in love with a space day after day.”

This space is a beautifully-unique product built out of a connection between designer and client that is unmatched in the industry, and it’s exactly what you can expect when you work with the team at Enjolé Interiors. 

To schedule your design appointment with one of our interior design specialists, contact us Enjolé or (812) 706-9906.

A Design Collaboration Inspired by this One Detail

When an Enjolé designer is invited on a design collaboration in a team member’s home interior, some of our favorite brands and styles come to life!

This beautiful family room design is a perfect example of how one piece of inspiration can lead an entire project design – and sometimes it’s even more fun this way. Would you believe the entire design started around just one piece of art?! 

A Love for Design Blossoms

Amy has been with our team for about two and a half years. She retired from her job as a pharmacy rep and decided she wanted to spend her time with something she had always had a passion for: interior design. 

“I’ve always loved mixing and matching fabric designs.” Amy said. “I also love helping people create spaces they truly love, whether it be a brand new space, a redesign or simply rearranging items to give the space a new flair.”

A Vision for the Space Evolves

“When I initially started working with Margy [designer at Enjolé Interiors] on the space, I didn’t really have a “vibe” in mind,” Amy admits. “But, I did have a piece of art that I loved for the space, and I adored the gold frame.” It ended up being her love for the gold frame that sparked the vision for the design. They decided on a beautiful velvet blue Bernhardt sofa with accenting gold nailheads. Then came more gold with accent pillows and subtle decor around the room.

This vibrant gold wasn’t the only vision for the space, though… That’s simply where it began. “We brought in more contrasting colors with the lamp, adding mixed metals throughout the room, and Margy even made me this unique succulent arrangement that adds another layer of design,” Amy said. “And, of course, I had to throw in some pieces that I love into the design, as well. I love fabrics,so I created the drapes and found a beautiful leather chaise that sets the room apart.”

Another fun piece Amy recalls adding into the design were the Karges chests flanking the bay window, which belonged to her parents. “I knew I wanted them in the design because they were a piece of my family and are close to my heart, and it just made that part of the room feel complete with all the great natural light coming through.”

Carrying the Design Throughout the Home

When designing a space this unique and elegant, you want to be able to carry the design throughout the home. Amy decided to bring in more coordinating colors and textures into the entryway and library with a cowhide rug, silk pillows and silver lamp.

“My “orange room” — as I like to call it — was just in need of a little refresh,” Amy said. “I just love the color orange, and I wanted to keep it that way. So, I decided to update the space with a gray sofa from Bernhardt and play off the color in the wall with a variety of different fabrics on the pillows.” 

Creating a Dramatic Powder Room

“Many people think that powder rooms just need to serve a purpose, and don’t always think to incorporate a fun or dramatic design, but I think it’s a great space for design,” Amy shared. 

“The powder room is one of the most frequently used spaces, as guests will always see it when you entertain.” In this space, Amy wanted to go bold with her wallpaper, incorporating a Thibault Peacock Design that she fell in love with. For added drama, she did a black ceiling with black and white flooring to give the space even more dimension.

A Master Bedroom fit for a Queen

The final space tackled in this redesign was the master bedroom. “I knew I wanted some sort of accent wall in the room, and I thought a more neutral colored wallpaper behind my bold headboard would really make the space stand out. I love how it turned out!” Amy recalls.

Amy chose a dark forest green velvet headboard from CR Laine, and added a couple lamps on either side atop her end tables [originally her parents] to really make a statement, along with a beautiful custom bedspread from Lili Alessandra.

It’s amazing to see a space come together like Amy’s… one that evolved from a minor design detailed and spilled over into other rooms throughout the home. Sometimes all it takes to make a space feel luxurious but also all your own is an idea for inspiration and collaboration with a skilled designer – Contact the interior design experts at Enjolé Interiors today to help bring some life back to your space. 

Getting to Know our Designer: Margy Foster

Our team of designers has incredible talent. Each of them has a passion for what they do, and their personality shines through on each of the projects they complete. Come along with us as we chat with designer Margy Foster, and learn a little more about how she’s devoted to creating enchanted spaces you’ll love.

creating a space margy foster designerQ: How did you get started in design?

A: “I have always had an eye for color, mixing patterns and doing DIY projects. 

With encouragement from friends and family, I enrolled in one interior design class at Ivy Tech, fell in love with the program and because a full-time student. I later taught design at Ivy Tech for 12 years. While teaching part time, my friend, Beth Schmitt, and I built a paint business, creating faux finishes, painting murals and furniture. After several years, I decided to focus on design and in 2017 joined an incredible team of designers at Enjolé Interiors!”

Q: How would you describe your style as a designer?

A: “I’d say I’m eclectic, leaning towards traditional, with a bit of whimsy! I love mixing fabric patterns and colors and the creativity it takes to make a design work. I love when a client says, “I’d never do that on my own, but I love it!”

Vibrant patterns and colors can add variety and interest to any room, even in small doses. I’ve found for the most part, people are conservative when it comes to color. Too much color can be overwhelming.”

Q: Tell us a little more about about your process as a designer when meeting with clients.

A: “Meeting with a potential new client is a “meet and greet”…getting to hear ideas and dreams that he or she has for their space. After many conversations, a plan is made – styles, colors, whether or not new furniture is required, are window treatments an option, are there heirlooms or things the client can’t or won’t part with, etc. Every issue has an answer and those answers become part of the plan. Good design is a process. Figuring out exactly what the client expects from the finished project and from me as the person who implements the project is what has to happen for a successful finish.”

Q: Is there a specific type of client or project you’re drawn to?

A: “I enjoy clients who have a vision of what they want but are open to other ideas. Design is so subjective. Most projects have more than one solution, any of which may be “correct,”  but finding the one that works best for my client is my objective. 

Probably my favorite aspect of design is accessorizing. Accessories are to a room what jewelry and the  perfect shoes are to a new outfit. I like to make the finishing touches fit, yet make a statement!”

Q: What have you learned from past projects that you’d like to share with Enjolé’s followers?

A: “Honestly, I learn something from every project. No two jobs are ever the same! I can’t stress enough how important conversation between designer and client is. Make sure you both are thinking the same thing and ask questions! Never assume!

I’ve been in the design field for 30 years and have seen styles and trends come and go, and return with minor changes and new names – what’s old is new again! But no matter the pieces used to create a room, the principles and elements of design remain the same.

Thanks to Margy for sharing some of her design insight! Learn more about Margy here and contact the store to schedule your appointment!

Creating A Space At Your Pace

When it comes to renovations, it doesn’t always have to be about completing a design as quickly as possible… Maybe you’re only able to do a little at a time due to your schedule or budget? When doing a renovation or redesign, it’s always important to remember to do what works for you. And, that’s exactly what Enjolé Interiors designer Margy Foster did with her recent project – on the design and renovation of her client’s new home.

creating a space margy foster designerLet The Design Process Begin

This couple bought their house in February 2018 after immediately falling in love with its restored 1940s charm. They knew they wanted to make the space their own, but also knew they would need to work on things a little at a time. So, they started working with Margy in May of 2018, slowly but surely piecing things together. They started sifting through designs and patterns, and Margy got a feel for what they liked and disliked. 

Building the Design Around Their First Purchase

The first piece ordered for the space was a Bernhardt chair. Because the couple so loved the chair, Margy helped them build the design around that purchase. You don’t always know what will catch your eye, and no inspiration is too big or too small!

“Many times the client would text me a picture of what she had in the room, and then ask me where she should move it – a little to the left, a little to the right. It was how I was really able to build the client’s trust and show them I was committed to helping them find what works best in their space.” 

From there, Margy created a plan to accessorize, add color and ultimately tie the space together.

Incorporating Existing Pieces into the Design 

Another aspect Margy knew was really important to the client was incorporating prints of Notorious BIG and Prince they owned. 

“I always kept these photos in the back of my mind, and I would look for pieces, colors and textures that would complement them to continue to build on the design.”

Creating a Home Office

The couple works from home, so having an office space where they both would have enough room to work was crucial. 

“They told me they wanted a space with a lot of natural light, too. So, we decided on a nice, sturdy desk that was spacious enough for two people to work with their computers and spread out papers.” 

The overall look was a bit more modern, but it came together nicely, and the clients loved it.

Creating a Place To Entertain

As a younger couple, they like to entertain. So, Margy’s idea to add an at-home bar was brilliant. It would provide a nice sitting area on the main floor and work as a great gathering space with the dining room close by.  They also loved the animal hide rug Margy selected. 

“We had discussed working one into the design, but sort of pushed it to the side as we worked on other aspects of styling. In the end, we found the perfect place for one, and it makes the room feel so cozy.”

Spare Room for Overnight Guests

One of the last places we finished designing was the spare bedroom. The client already had bedding and most furniture, but they were in search of side tables to fit with the furniture. 

“We ended up finding the perfect tables to complement the space and added a more slender lamp to fit on the tables. Then, we used the colors in the bedding to bring in some coordinating artwork for the space and add a bit of femininity.”

To follow our design work and learn more about our talented designers, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Tips for Your Kitchen Makeover from Designer Brittney Schipp

Renovating your kitchen can be a huge undertaking, especially if it hasn’t had a good facelift in years. There are so many things to consider…new styles, updated functionality, lighting, wall color, etc. But, stop stressing over the details! Working with a professional, like Enjolé Interiors’ Senior Designer, Brittney Schipp, can help you check all the boxes for a successful kitchen makeover… Here are just a few of the items she would help you consider:

Appliance Garages

If you’d like to minimize clutter, create a space(s) for each of your small appliances to be stowed away to create a clean look and eliminate crowding on surfaces. We’ve created appliance garages for clients’ TVs, stand mixers and even paper towel holders!


Look for creative ways to create more storage space. Is there a nook you no longer use? A set of cabinets that could be turned into a pantry? These spaces could be of great use for you to incorporate more storage for dishes, appliances or food. Another great option is to consider taking your cabinetry all the way to the ceiling for added space. And bonus – it will make your room look bigger.



kitchen symmetrySymmetry

There’s something to be said about symmetry within a space. Think about what you would like to have as the focal point of your design, such as the island or the oven. It’s best to create a triangle with your appliances to make meal prep flow better and increase your kitchen’s functionality.



lighting kitchen interior designLighting

Lighting can completely change the look and feel of your space. Consider adding pendant lights over an island for more light while enjoying meals. Or, switch up the design of your lights. In a recent kitchen renovation in Kentucky, we reduced the amount of pendant lights from 5 smaller ones to 3 larger ones, and it made a more dramatic change to the look of the room than you might think.



Don’t be afraid of wallpaper! It’s actually quite trendy and can pair well with existing wallpaper in the home and/or painted walls. Our best suggestion here is to take your time. Bring samples of several different patterns and designs back to the space to see how they will look. 

Brittney notes, “One of my clients really wanted to keep the wallpaper in her formal sitting room. So, when we were picking out the designs of the new wallpaper – we ended up with a total of 4 new wallpapers. We selected the kitchen wallpaper first because it was right off of the formal sitting room, and then worked our way into a few other areas off of the kitchen. The back hallway and staircase, a powder room and a laundry room each got a facelift, with new wallpaper in addition to the rest of the remodel. It took a bit of time — both in the studio and the clients home — to pick out the best color and pattern combinations to satisfy the overall plan for the design and the clients style.”


Step outside of the box to add another level to your space! If you’re drawn to one specific style, and you’d like to branch out a bit, explore different accessories you wouldn’t normally think to try. 

“One place we’ve recently done this was in a client’s bathroom. She wanted to replace the mirror, but always found herself gravitating towards a specific style. So, we found a mirror that was a bit out of her comfort zone to complement the wallpaper and overall design of the room,” says Brittney.

Window Treatments

A little detail around the windows creates a big effect. “It actually enhances the windows, adds softness to the room and an extra layer that really takes the space to the next level,” Brittany explains. “So, when choosing a window treatment, think about the overall design you’re trying to achieve in the room. Then, hone in on details that will compliment the space. For example, picking up on the subtle gray color in the pattern on the wallpaper and the curve of the range hood for the window treatments like we did in this Kentucky kitchen.”

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A Kentucky Kitchen Renovation Transformation

After hitting over 40k views on YouTube personality’s Mallory Ervin’s channel, it’s evident that this renovation was transformational. Enjolé Interiors designer Brittney Schipp ultimately created a new space – implementing new design elements – that’s functional and features a modern twist on traditional design.

Design Inspiration

The client was motivated to make a drastic change on the main level of her home. Her existing kitchen hadn’t been renovated in 20 years, and it was time for a facelift. 

Her goal – white, light and bright. She kept seeing this current, but classic idea for a clean, fresh update, so we took that vision and ran with it. Our designer Brittney Schipp came in to create a space that was not only light and bright, but warm and welcoming – perfect for entertaining.

“We kept with her style, which is very traditional but pulled in some more modern elements, like the rug and the dining table, just to give it more of a current feel and mix things up a bit,” says Brittney.

kentucky kitchen remodel

Key Elements to the Design

The client loves wallpaper, so this was key in the project. Brittney knew they would need to incorporate an updated wallpaper to match the existing walls in the formal sitting room. 

“She was keen about keeping this wallpaper, so it was a bit tricky picking out designs for each respective room in the renovation. We ended up with a total of 5 new wallpaper designs, which all ultimately ended up working well with what was already there.” 

mica shell wallpaper kentucky kitchenTo build on the design elements already in the home, Brittney suggested a dramatic metallic damask wallpaper for the walls as well as a shimmery gold and pearl mica shell wallpaper for the ceiling to add texture and even more sparkle to the room. This technique of adding wallpaper to the walls and the ceiling gave the room dimension and brought everything to life. Not to mention the addition of an eye-catching chandelier and it’s reflection off of the wallpapers…with how it picked up light from the mica shell, we achieved just the glow the client had been dreaming of!

Another key element to this design was hiding appliances. So, Brittney suggested they create panels on the refrigerator and around the island to achieve a seamless look. Brittney also thought they should make the range and the hood the focal point of the room, centering it on the main wall and reconfiguring the shape of the island to align.

kentucky kitchen remodel“In order to create that focal point, we had to shift the appliances around a bit to make everything more symmetrical. And, it worked. We were also able to add another layer to the design by updating the lighting from 5 small pendants to 3 large ones.”

If you’re thinking about a renovation but have some current design elements that you’re attached to, don’t think it all has to go. Sometimes those current design elements just need a few more layers of texture, color or pattern to bring them up-to-date and create a new space you’ll love! Or, maybe you’d like your space to be completely reimagined, we’re happy to take on a complete renovation.

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