A Space for Family: Neutral, Coastal + Chic Retreat for an Illinois Client to Escape

A Space for Family: Neutral, Coastal + Chic Retreat for an Illinois Client to Escape

Even amidst Enjolé’s big move to our new home in Newburgh, our design team has been busy with clients all over the midwest, including this light + airy + elegant family room and dining room space for a client in Illinois.

Creating a Vibe for the Space

“One of the things I love most about this job is the ability to decorate for friends.” Brittney Schipp, Director of Design at Enjolé Interiors said. “This client was actually someone I worked with several years ago, and I loved getting the opportunity to help her create this space.” For this design, we tackled a new addition / home remodel, and went with the light and bright feel for the space, bringing in some neutral white – and accenting with blues and other soft hues.

Once the color palette came together, we were able to create the coastal chic oasis this client envisioned.

Traditional Design Accents for a Kid-Friendly Space

This client was also passionate about a design that would stand the test of time — both the design elements and wear and tear from kids. “I decided to choose some kid-friendly performance fabrics that I knew would give her peace of mind with kids, andincorporated some texture into the space with pillows and a rug.” Brittney explained. 

Timeless Furniture Choices to Welcoming All

Some of our favorite furniture designers to use for spaces like this client wanted are Vanguard and Sherrill. They have been built and tested to withstand the test of time and are perfect for families.

 “The client and I loved this durable Vanguard dining room table and chairs.” Brittney said. “It’s a perfect choice to match her traditional, coastal vibe, and stand up against kids.”

Above the table, we chose a chandelier by Gabby to tie everything together and added a soft, blush pink floral arrangement as a centerpiece. 

For the living room, the client was also in search of something traditional and durable. So, we decided on this beautiful, modern marble and gold accented cocktail table from Vanguard and added some contrast to the space with 2 coastal blue striped chairs from Sherrill Furniture and some neutral, brown leather Motion Craft recliners — also an extension of Sherrill furniture. Pairing these pieces next to a bright white sofa created a timeless living room this family will be able to enjoy for many years to come.

Whether you’re in need of a refresh or a redesign… a mature space to entertain or one to withstand your growing family, let the design team at Enjolé Interiors help you bring your design dreams to life. Contact us today at (812) 706-9906 to learn more!

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