Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice: 5 Tips for Transitioning Your Home For Fall

Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice: 5 Tips for Transitioning Your Home For Fall

It’s that time of year again…Time to cozy up on the couch with your main squeeze or favorite four-legged friend with a warm cup of cocoa or pumpkin spice latte, the fireplace lit and a snuggly blanket to keep you warm. Autumn is one of our absolute favorite times of the year–the beautiful fall colors, falling leaves and cooler weather inspire us to create warm welcoming spaces. And, we’d love to share a few of those inspirations with you.

Get Cozy & Snuggle Up

One way to warm up your home and create that calm environment for guests is through color: warm colors throughout your home create a warm feeling from the inside out. Consider swapping out your bright summer colors for slightly muted, jewel tones, like amethyst, sapphire, emerald or a deep crimson red. These colors mimic those we see outside this time of year and are easy to transition to winter when it comes along.

Consider also setting the mood by switching up the lighting in your entertaining rooms or sitting areas. Use soft light from dimmable bulbs or candles. Arrange candles together on a tray in assorted heights and sizes to create a eye-catching centerpiece, and light them as the sun starts to set. Not a fan of candles? Consider rustic, wrought iron lanterns paired with fall flowers to create a beautiful arrangement.

Don’t forget to play on the yummy, welcoming fall scents in the air, like burning leaves, apple or pecan pies in the oven and pumpkins. If you’re already buying/transitioning to candles for the mood, consider purchasing some of those with scents of spicy and sweet fruit, cinnamon apples or pumpkin. Got a cozy fireplace? Bringing in some wood to prep for the cooler months ahead helps bring in some of those fall-feels as well.

Don’t Be Afraid to Stray from Orange

Fall does not have to be all about bright orange pumpkins and yellow mums. The essence of welcoming the fall season into your home should be about bringing in warmth and coziness! Try deep cyan shades, like cerulean and midnight green. Don’t be afraid to display a lot of white, and maybe add a touch of plaid! Undertones and textures of natural wood can bring a subtle peace and earthiness to a room – consider a few touches for fall, even if you don’t like a rustic look all year long.

Bring Nature In / Natural Elements

Most of fall’s true beauty comes from the natural elements that surround us this time of year… Take advantage of nature’s colors and textures and bring the nature inside. Fill glass containers, vases or decorative bowls and wooden boxes with acorns, pine cones, and leaves and branches of all shades and sizes. These elements also create intriguing coffee table and mantel decorations. You can also adorn your hearth with a stack of birch wood or seasonal pumpkins, gourds to arrange on a dining room table.

Swap Out Fabrics

Switching out your light, summer linens and for heavier, fall linens like wool or flannel throw blankets and pillows with warm, jewel tones create the ultimate snuggle feel. Swap out flowy, cotton fabrics for velvets, knits, and softer materials on pillow cases, draperies, throw blankets, and rugs. Fabrics like these will make you and your guests want to get cozy and exude that welcoming feeling of warmth. You can also mimic these fabric changes on your drapery as well. Trade out any light and airy window treatments for some that offer more insulation and a natural coziness.

Another fun way to fall-up your space is to layer rugs with warm tones or faux-fur. Consider layering with two complementing patterns as well. Either look works beautifully.

Change Out Table Decor

Interchanging tablescapes as the seasons flow is a great way to embrace seasonal vibes. Complement your dining table or the corner of the kitchen bartop with seasonally themed pieces. We have some beautiful candles, bowls, wooden and ceramic art pieces at Enjolé. Using pieces from nature or even seasonal fruits like apples, pears or berries can also be a great, low-cost centerpiece. Add metallic chargers for an upscale affair.

And for any finishing touch, we say more candles! Buy candles in varying shapes and sizes, but stay away from mixing too many colors. We often suggest a nice flameless candle so you can enjoy the light and warmth anytime without the mess and risk. LightLi is our favorite brand of flameless LED candles, and we offer them at Enjolé, starting at $32.50. They even include the option of remote control! 

If you’re transitioning your home for fall on your own, we would love to help you find some special pieces from our multi-floor array of furniture, home decor and gift accessories on our Main Street storefront.  And our Readers Choice Awards Platinum Winner for Best Interior Design team of interior designers is here to help you transition your home with confidence and not a finger lifted!

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