Our Design Process: Building a Relationship… Building a Design

Our Design Process: Building a Relationship… Building a Design

When we create a design for our clients, we not only work to create a space they love–we end up building a relationship to understand their specific design needs and often develop a friendship. Our commitment to building a relationship makes the experience that much more enjoyable for you and saves you both time and money in the long run.

Part of what makes our projects so successful is our passion to dig a little deeper–learning our clients’ design goals, what styles they are looking to accomplish, etc. It’s here that we listen for those little hints–hobbies, likes and dislikes, color preferences, what matters most in design.

Creating a Layout

After collecting details, we create a design that is 100% specific to the client. This is where “listening” really comes into play. We need to understand how our client functions day-to-day to make sure we create a layout that works for their daily routine. The layout has to speak to them. And, this is where we get to show the client we are willing to go the extra mile–quite literally in some cases.

We’ll visit the space to get a true feel for it and a true feel for our client’s needs, we’ll meet with contractors, set up meetings, etc. We take all the work off our clients’ hands. We know that living through a renovation/redesign can be stressful..we get it. So, being able to do go the extra mile for our client is a way for us to eliminate stress for them.

Developing a Design

This also where we begin to put all the pieces together and create a presentation for the client, along with 3D renderings of what the space will look like. This plan includes it all–furniture selections, rugs, lighting, seating, color selections, you name it! It’s at this stage of the game where we really get to see the client’s expressions. It’s such a cool moment!

3d renderings design

At times, these presentations are almost surreal. We’re creating that “dream space” for the client and it’s nothing short of exhilarating! When you nail it, it’s magic!

Final Installation

design processAfter the layout and design are approved, physical construction for renovation happens or final installation begins–depending on the complexity of the project. This is when the Enjolé team gets to work our magic. Our team of interior designers and logistics team put the entire space together, down to the very last picture to be hung on the wall. We want everything to be flawless for the client. The reward of a completed project is when the client walks and their jaw drops, there are no words to be said and tears of joy fill their eyes. This is what makes it all worth it. This why we do what we do.

For a designer, the road takes us many different places, but it all leads back to someone’s home! What a pleasure it is to make a difference in people’s lives… in people’s homes.

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