Going the Extra Mile for Design: Our Longboat Key Remodel

Going the Extra Mile for Design: Our Longboat Key Remodel

We often get a look of surprise when we share that we travel across the country for design projects–whether it’s a vacation home or just a client we’ve built a relationship with from afar. Well, of course we travel for you! And when our client has built trust and a relationship with us, they often don’t want anyone but our team on their project. When a client and a designer connect, distance is no barrier.

We all get inspiration from different places, and for me as a designer, inspiration often comes as I travel. So, when I get opportunities from my amazing clients to perform my craft on their vacation homes – it’s a dream.

I recently completed the design of a condo in Chicago, will soon be finishing an install on a home in Arizona, and I was lucky enough to spend time in Florida for a complete condo re-design and renovation. I jumped at the opportunity to help this long-standing client – a relationship 12 years strong with 3 prior design projects. Their need was quite clear… A full remodel of their condo in sunny Longboat Key, Florida.

Creating the Design for the Longboat Key Condo

We already knew how our client lives and what they like, which are incredibly important first steps in the client/designer relationship. But, this project was a little different. This was their vacation home…their retreat. We talked about their goals and the vibe they were going for – wow, they were dreaming big! We discussed budget, timing and logistics of how they would like the project to go. I wanted them to have as little stress and time invested as possible, while also getting them in their newly renovated and designed space as quickly as possible.

And so, we went to work on designing their perfect retreat.

In my travels to and from Florida, I set up necessary meetings with contractors, which helped to move the project along as planned. I began to build my design off the gorgeous, solid mahogany interior doors that served as an entrance to each room – wood tones mixed with a beautiful view of the intercoastal.

Together the client and I had big dreams. We just had to decide how we were going to make it all happen, including a decent amount of construction and renovation, which was when we decided to bring on my husband, Dave–a mechanical engineer specializing in architectural design. Once Dave, Sharon (our Enjolé’s President) and our amazing logistics team joined the project, we were able to really see the plan came to life.

Dave–after being hands on and getting specific measurements–was able to put the client’s actual floor plan to a set of drawings and create 3D renderings for them to get a better picture of what the space could be. This was really exciting and important to them, to make sure they were in love with the design before undergoing such a large project to their space.






To make sure we didn’t miss a beat, we traveled to Florida and stayed for several days to take in the “vibe” of the space. It was then that we decided – after careful thought and research – on a theme for our design: Sophisticated Beach. We nailed it, and it was magic – exhilarating!

While we can’t wait to share more exciting before & afters from this beautiful condo redesign – we leave you with this view. Our new design and Dave’s architectural plan allowed us to create a view that meant taking down walls to allow visibility of the inner coastal waterway from the moment you walk through the door.

From the living space to the powder room and kitchen – stay tuned for our next blog in this series!

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