Getting to Know our Designer: Margy Foster

Getting to Know our Designer: Margy Foster

Our team of designers has incredible talent. Each of them has a passion for what they do, and their personality shines through on each of the projects they complete. Come along with us as we chat with designer Margy Foster, and learn a little more about how she’s devoted to creating enchanted spaces you’ll love.

creating a space margy foster designerQ: How did you get started in design?

A: “I have always had an eye for color, mixing patterns and doing DIY projects. 

With encouragement from friends and family, I enrolled in one interior design class at Ivy Tech, fell in love with the program and because a full-time student. I later taught design at Ivy Tech for 12 years. While teaching part time, my friend, Beth Schmitt, and I built a paint business, creating faux finishes, painting murals and furniture. After several years, I decided to focus on design and in 2017 joined an incredible team of designers at Enjolé Interiors!”

Q: How would you describe your style as a designer?

A: “I’d say I’m eclectic, leaning towards traditional, with a bit of whimsy! I love mixing fabric patterns and colors and the creativity it takes to make a design work. I love when a client says, “I’d never do that on my own, but I love it!”

Vibrant patterns and colors can add variety and interest to any room, even in small doses. I’ve found for the most part, people are conservative when it comes to color. Too much color can be overwhelming.”

Q: Tell us a little more about about your process as a designer when meeting with clients.

A: “Meeting with a potential new client is a “meet and greet”…getting to hear ideas and dreams that he or she has for their space. After many conversations, a plan is made – styles, colors, whether or not new furniture is required, are window treatments an option, are there heirlooms or things the client can’t or won’t part with, etc. Every issue has an answer and those answers become part of the plan. Good design is a process. Figuring out exactly what the client expects from the finished project and from me as the person who implements the project is what has to happen for a successful finish.”

Q: Is there a specific type of client or project you’re drawn to?

A: “I enjoy clients who have a vision of what they want but are open to other ideas. Design is so subjective. Most projects have more than one solution, any of which may be “correct,”  but finding the one that works best for my client is my objective. 

Probably my favorite aspect of design is accessorizing. Accessories are to a room what jewelry and the  perfect shoes are to a new outfit. I like to make the finishing touches fit, yet make a statement!”

Q: What have you learned from past projects that you’d like to share with Enjolé’s followers?

A: “Honestly, I learn something from every project. No two jobs are ever the same! I can’t stress enough how important conversation between designer and client is. Make sure you both are thinking the same thing and ask questions! Never assume!

I’ve been in the design field for 30 years and have seen styles and trends come and go, and return with minor changes and new names – what’s old is new again! But no matter the pieces used to create a room, the principles and elements of design remain the same.

Thanks to Margy for sharing some of her design insight! Learn more about Margy here and contact the store to schedule your appointment!

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