Designing A Dream: Our Longboat Key Remodel

Designing A Dream: Our Longboat Key Remodel

Designing a Dream

Thanks to years of thought behind their “ideal” layout, we had a great foundation to work with. But, the ultimate question for me was: Am I willing to take on the challenge of the project with the distance from Evansville? To which I responded, “Absolutely!” I knew the distance wouldn’t be a problem with a great team behind me and a definitive plan.

The client had enjoyed their condo as it was for over 5 years, and now that the couple’s children are young adults and their work allows a certain amount of flexibility and travel – they were ready to take the next step and spend more time in Longboat Key. And, they wanted to fully love this space that they call their own.

I brought what I know about this couple from past projects to the mix. They love hosting family and friends So how can I help them to entertain in this space? They are dedicated to their careers – So how I can help them be productive in their work, while enjoying every bit of the view and the tropical vibe?

As I began to work creatively on the space, it all just came to me.

The color pallette… Rich navy blues, with a mix of lighter blues, neutrals and grays to bring strength to all of the other wood grains, painted cabinet features and tile selections.

designing dream color palette

The seating… There must be ample seating for the family and all the friends they want to entertain a social environment. A sectional was the best choice in a light neutral to keep it fresh. We then brought in some texture with patterned pillows to pull the design together. We added in a chic taupe leather recliner, as well as a grouping of 4 swivel chairs for the gaming area. Last, I got to work with John Gaffe a designer of yacht furniture on the east coast who designed a compass rose and teakwood table to match the space.

designing dream seating

We knew the client loved to play games with their family, so when we couldn’t find the perfect game table that could also be adjusted to a cocktail table height, John created a custom table perfect for their family.

The kitchen… We talked with the clients a lot about the way they wanted to use this space, taking their specific requests for design elements cabinets to hide the refrigerator, a Trough sink, bamboo elements to bring warmth to the design, an intricate backsplash with multi-color glass tiles in neutrals, grays, and hints of blue, and a stunning quartz countertop to finish it all off.

longboat key redesigning




The Powder Bath… Here we kept it light and bright a white porcelain “Tuna Sink” with a bamboo cabinet and an LED-lit round mirror. The walls are covered in an  iridescent blue wallpaper to set off the design and a brown and white marble patterned tile give dimension to the floor and pull in warm wood tones.




designing dream bourbon bar



The Bourbon Bar… The most unique portion of the design. We chose a venetian blue tile, paired with a beautiful navy lacquered cabinet so chic! We added glass shelves to show off the amber bourbon glass bottles and antique collections of Waterford all hand selected by my clients from a recent trip to Ireland their vision come to life!






Another important component of this design was a beautifully crafted custom-designed fish by artisan Russ Gilbert. The clients decided on this beautiful bluefin glass sculpture to help complete the aesthetic of the space and serve as a perfect complement to the lighting. To hide all of the wiring, we created a unique coral design behind it. Altogether, the sculpture contains 7 hand-blown fish of blues and yellows and measures 74-76” wide and 42” high talk about a true piece of art!

designing dream fish sculpture

The view… We literally took out walls to ensure that a view of the inner coastal waterway was visible from the moment you walked through the door. Talk about an office view – whether at the bar, kitchen or sofa our client enjoys the serenity of a magnificent view of the water. And let me tell you  – this couple deserves it!


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