Designer’s List to Consider When Renovating a Kitchen: Designer Brittney Schipp

Designer’s List to Consider When Renovating a Kitchen: Designer Brittney Schipp

designer's list for renovating kitchen - brittney schippWhen you decide you’re ready to take on a renovation – especially a kitchen renovation it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of decisions there are to make… Appliances, cabinets, colors, seating, etc. Need we go on? So, we are sharing this Q&A with interior design expert Brittney Schipp to give an inside look at a current kitchen renovation project in Morganfield, Kentucky.

Q: How does a designer know where to start?

It really begins with working with a client to develop an overall layout and design vision for the space. We spend time together learning their tastes and sharing ideas – often pulling up Pinterest, looking through magazines or even taking trips together to local showrooms to get an in-person visual. With this client, we went to Fehrenbacher Cabinets together to look at examples in their showroom and discuss each option.

Q: What types of decisions do you help your clients with?

Once we’ve agreed on the overall design, we start to consider things like electrical, light fixture placement, furniture placement and several other details people often forget to consider. In this home, we ended up moving some electrical around for new light fixtures and created a new island with a better shape to fit her family’s needs. And, with the addition of the new island, we considered balance and overall visual appearance, which ultimately led us to switch from 5 smaller hanging light pendants to 3 larger ones.

Q: What are some long-term investment questions to consider?

As a designer, I bring continuity and spatial awareness to the conversation. It’s always important to consider and certainly mattered in this project. We decided to remove all of the existing tile floor and install a new hardwood floor that would match the existing wood floor. When you continue floor throughout a space, like we did here, you’re able to transition from room to room more seamlessly. The eye doesn’t stop and it creates perfect continuity.

I have found that some of the most important means to create flow and continuity are with flooring, paint, wallpaper, light and even cabinetry. It may save you money in the long run to consider these factors and think about some of those larger decisions now, rather than at a later date. I always suggest putting a dream plan together, then when you get to logistics and budget you can make the decision of completing your dream project all at once, or in more manageable steps.

Q: Do appliances make a difference in the overall plan? 

Absolutely! For this renovation, we decided to completely change the layout of the kitchen to make the room more functional. If we have the opportunity to move appliances, I suggest that we create a triangle with the sink, stove and refrigerator. This creates functionality and is also more visually appealing. In this case, we moved the stove to the middle of the room to create a focal point for the room, with a beautiful, decorative vent hood over it.

Next, you’ll want to consider the smaller items and appliances you will want to have out, like a microwave, stand mixer or even the inevitable paper towels. You have the option to create what can be called “appliance garages” for these items that you may not want to see sitting on the counter each day.

Q: What are you seeing that’s on-trend for kitchens?

Light and bright. Think white cabinets, for sure. I would suggest going for inlay cabinet doors and drawers here over the overlay look. Then compliment them with some white countertops. Although this look is on-trend right now, it’s also classic and timeless. It will brighten up a space, making it look even bigger and more welcoming to guests.

Q: What is the key to a successful renovation?

Communication. 100% communication from all parties. There are so many decisions to be made, so ensuring their is efficient communication between all parties will make a renovation run much smoother. I always like to make sure I am in constant contact with the contractor. There are quite a few decisions that the contractor and the designer can make together. I lean on the client during times of uncertainty or when we need to make a decision on something we haven’t previously discussed.

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