Creating A Space At Your Pace

Creating A Space At Your Pace

When it comes to renovations, it doesn’t always have to be about completing a design as quickly as possible… Maybe you’re only able to do a little at a time due to your schedule or budget? When doing a renovation or redesign, it’s always important to remember to do what works for you. And, that’s exactly what Enjolé Interiors designer Margy Foster did with her recent project – on the design and renovation of her client’s new home.

creating a space margy foster designerLet The Design Process Begin

This couple bought their house in February 2018 after immediately falling in love with its restored 1940s charm. They knew they wanted to make the space their own, but also knew they would need to work on things a little at a time. So, they started working with Margy in May of 2018, slowly but surely piecing things together. They started sifting through designs and patterns, and Margy got a feel for what they liked and disliked. 

Building the Design Around Their First Purchase

The first piece ordered for the space was a Bernhardt chair. Because the couple so loved the chair, Margy helped them build the design around that purchase. You don’t always know what will catch your eye, and no inspiration is too big or too small!

“Many times the client would text me a picture of what she had in the room, and then ask me where she should move it – a little to the left, a little to the right. It was how I was really able to build the client’s trust and show them I was committed to helping them find what works best in their space.” 

From there, Margy created a plan to accessorize, add color and ultimately tie the space together.

Incorporating Existing Pieces into the Design 

Another aspect Margy knew was really important to the client was incorporating prints of Notorious BIG and Prince they owned. 

“I always kept these photos in the back of my mind, and I would look for pieces, colors and textures that would complement them to continue to build on the design.”

Creating a Home Office

The couple works from home, so having an office space where they both would have enough room to work was crucial. 

“They told me they wanted a space with a lot of natural light, too. So, we decided on a nice, sturdy desk that was spacious enough for two people to work with their computers and spread out papers.” 

The overall look was a bit more modern, but it came together nicely, and the clients loved it.

Creating a Place To Entertain

As a younger couple, they like to entertain. So, Margy’s idea to add an at-home bar was brilliant. It would provide a nice sitting area on the main floor and work as a great gathering space with the dining room close by.  They also loved the animal hide rug Margy selected. 

“We had discussed working one into the design, but sort of pushed it to the side as we worked on other aspects of styling. In the end, we found the perfect place for one, and it makes the room feel so cozy.”

Spare Room for Overnight Guests

One of the last places we finished designing was the spare bedroom. The client already had bedding and most furniture, but they were in search of side tables to fit with the furniture. 

“We ended up finding the perfect tables to complement the space and added a more slender lamp to fit on the tables. Then, we used the colors in the bedding to bring in some coordinating artwork for the space and add a bit of femininity.”

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