Cindee Bell

Cindee Bell

Professional Design Consultant

Cindee Bell’s extensive career in design reflects a time-honored family legacy. In 1971, she began furnishing homes when her mother opened a highly-regarded furniture store and design center in Carmel, Indiana. Cindee also gained valuable experience from her father, who owned a cabinet and floor-covering store in Indianapolis—it too, featured design services. Although a native of Indianapolis, Evansville has been her home for 25 years.

We’re delighted Cindee considers Enjole’ Interiors her professional home—our entire team values her creative insights. For example, when clients express concerns regarding ever-changing trends in interior design, Cindee offers these reassuring words of wisdom: “In my opinion, it’s not about staying up to date with what’s in design, it’s staying up to date with what you like. If you like the color, if you like the style, you just stay with it and add something fresh.” Beautifully stated, Cindee.

Whether your interior design project encompasses an entire residence, or you’re wanting to freshen a single space, Cindee’s experience, talent, and enthusiasm will make a delightful difference.

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