6 Tips to Creating the Perfect Fall Tablescape

6 Tips to Creating the Perfect Fall Tablescape

Still trying to put together that perfect fall centerpiece? No worries… We have the tips to help you create a beautifully festive, fall-themed tablescape that’ll leave your houseguests begging for your home decor advice.

Take Note of What’s in Stock

Who says you’ve got to buy everything brand new? Sometimes reusing or repurposing pieces can allow you the budget to purchase other pieces you want and create the overall look you want, while staying within a budget. Take inventory of what you have. Maybe you’ve got some old candlesticks or greenery you’ve used on your door or mantle.. Pull ‘em out! Try roaming around the house or storage with “fresh eyes,” and look at what you have in a new perspective–how can these items be reimagined to match your new fall theme? Making use of old items you have around the house gives you a layered look full of character and creativity.

Bring the Outdoors…Indoors

This is easy and fun. Plus, fall time is the best time to get outside and do some exploring–especially if you have kids! Cut some seasonal flowers –like mums or hydrangeas– and a little greenery–like leaves or even succulents. Consider throwing in some fall colored leaves and branches to give you more of a rustic look! A little greenery accented with berries, at each place setting can add a nice touch as well, helping to bring everything together. Adding this natural, seasonal layer makes your guests feel cozy.

Incorporate Patterns & Colors

This may seem to stray for the ordinary rule of thumb, but mixing colors and patterns can be a lot of fun and adding that extra texture and flair to your table can give it that “wow” factor. Consider mixing some fun, fall-colored plaids with a buffalo check or striped cloth napkins. You’ll be surprised at how well the colors play off each other. Just make sure all the colors in your patterned fabrics match your overall scheme. Keep your flatware simple, with a bright white or cream, so your mixed patterns and colors will really pop. Don’t be afraid to go bold here with your colors. The holidays are a perfect excuse to take it up a notch. When in doubt… add a little white to soften any visual clutter.

Mix Metals, Textures and Colors

We often hear it’s best to stick with one metal tone, like gold, silver or bronze. But, we’re here to tell you times have changed. Mixing metals like rose gold and silver, bronze and gold or even gold and silver just adds another layer of color and texture to a tablescape. To ensure these opposites work well together and produce the right proportions, consider using cutlery in one finish, with candlesticks or decorative centerpiece bowls in a different finish.

Use Your Centerpiece As Your Anchor

The centerpiece is what will help to anchor your entire look together. Make sure you have a general idea of how much space each of your place settings will take up. Then, begin to pull in all the bits and pieces we’ve discussed–pops of color, mixed patterns and metals, natural fall elements and those reimagined pieces you’ve gathered from around the house.

If you have a larger element, like a decorative bowl or candle holder, don’t feel like it has to be dead center, consider off-setting it with some other seasonal accents to create a dynamic look.

Add Personalized Details

If you’ve invited someone over, you want them to feel the warmth of your home. We can all agree it’s heartwarming to feel someone went the extra mile to make you feel at home. So, don’t limit things like flowers to the middle of the table. Consider giving each guest their own arrangement, making each place setting similar, but different. It makes your table look full. And, your guests feel special. An elegant, yet simple way to assign seating for large dinner parties is to place a seasonal leaf at each setting, adding your guests names to each with a white or gold paint pen.

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